After one month of focusing on nothing but reading, I'm finding it hard to get back into the swing of things with Following Julia Roberts (the working title of my novel). All the advice/writing/inspiring/etc. books say that you should not lose the momentum of your novel. Write Every Day! Plunge On!Bite me. I needed a … Continue reading Breaking

August Goals…

Deb makes us do goals. (Okay, she doesn't really make us, but she strongly encourages....) Actually, I think goals are a wonderful thing. However, I hate staring at all the ones I don't hit in a month. Somehow it feels like I was sleeping while the test was happening...and it was a timed test...and I … Continue reading August Goals…

Critiques for Sunday

As part of a writers group/workshop group it is one of the necessary duties to critique works that are submitted. I've been in groups where this is a fear-inspiring event, either because of page length, or quality of writing, or personal feelings towards others in the group. But with this group it is different...I feel … Continue reading Critiques for Sunday


Recently, on Ali's blog (see left), she brought up the question of productivity. One of our mutual writer-people, Matt, had stated that he considered a 22 page week a slow one. He stated that he was feeling 'down' because of this lack of productivity. The immediate response was that he should basically suck-it-up because that … Continue reading Productivity

Yet Another Writer Blogging

Call it peer pressure. Call it another opportunity to write. Call it what you will but I call it this:A chance to escape from the heat by hiding in my basement--and a way to keep the Ali-demon (whom I love dearly) off my back.