Month: September 2007

  • October Goals

    New month starts tomorrow, time to decide on what I want to do. This one’s pretty easy, in a difficult kind of way. 1. Finish FJR. The rough draft. Done. Complete. I write everything out by hand first, so by complete, I mean that I have typed it into the computer as well. Then, on […]

  • How September Turned Out

    Well, September’s over. I changed my goals halfway through: to just finishing as much of FJR as I could. I was shooting for something like 50 pages. I got about 30 in and another 11 on the round story chapter…so total for pages was about right, just not all on one piece. Not too shabby. […]

  • For the Deadline Naysayers

    Ha! Guess what I finished just now? Three guesses, but you’ll only need one. The round story chapter, you got it. I win! Finished before the deadline! Now I’m going to soak my aching fingers in ice water.