October Goals

New month starts tomorrow, time to decide on what I want to do. This one’s pretty easy, in a difficult kind of way.

1. Finish FJR. The rough draft. Done. Complete.
I write everything out by hand first, so by complete, I mean that I have typed it into the computer as well. Then, on the first Monday of November I’ll hand the whole thing over to my first readers…whoever may volunteer…and not touch the stinky thing again until probably March.
2. Finish critiques.

That’s it. Simple, to the point.

I can’t wait to work on something new. November should be fun.







5 responses to “October Goals”

  1. Ali Avatar

    Rough drafts = used sports equipment (best left to air out a while before getting into them again).

  2. Jenny Avatar

    You know, at first this looked like a really simple set of goals…Then the submissions = 10.Holy uber-reading, Batman.

  3. Debbie Avatar

    Funny how just when I think I may rejoin the Sunday group, you get a huge stack of submissions. And it’s always a month when I have a lot of submissions to read for AL. Maybe the universe is trying to tell me something. Something like “Wait until one of the Pirates finishes a story or novel and then you’ll have something fun to read and mark up.”

  4. Ali Avatar

    You know what helps you burn through that submission pile? A terribly boring, inane class on Tuesdays. Last night I read your sub. for the round story and critiqued Becky’s sub in class. I should’ve brought the whole stack, I had time for at least half (yeesh).

  5. Shane Avatar

    Actually, early morning cartoons with a very awake 5 year old are also good times to do submissions. Must – block – out – Pup – Named – Scooby – Doo…

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