Place for the desk, take 2

This last week has been a trial, let me tell you. Yes, everything mechanical was breaking…car, toaster, you name it.

Now my desk will be in a new corner in a new place. The house has become far too expensive and, of all things, we are having to move in with family. Yep, and right after Christmas too. Let me hear a big yee-haw!

The good news is that I just finished typing up the end of FJR and it’s now off to the first readers for their perusal and critique. The rough part is that the space that has turned out so conducive to writing will be moving and I’ll have to adjust to another space.

Right now I have a table set up next to the desk that I bought way-back-when and the table is going to have to go, so my work space just got halved. Yesterday I played around with the desk set up and figured out how to get all of my office supplies (my mother’s life-long lament) into one smaller space. If you think writing is creative, try space-saving. Interior designers get paid the big bucks for stuff like that.

But I wonder if moving your writing space around isn’t a good thing in the end. After all, it comes at the perfect time. I just finished. Time for a new project. New project. New place. New energy. New spaces for new ideas.



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3 responses to “Place for the desk, take 2”

  1. Ali Avatar

    Bummer about having to move. On the bright side, like you say, it’s a chance to do that fresh start thingy. You’ll have more bonding time with relatives, too, and the potential to get some great things out of the new situation – even though it’s not something you’d have originally planned to do.

  2. Debbie Avatar

    That bites. But at least you’re putting a positive spin on it. A new scene for a new project sounds like a wonderful idea. Isn’t D.B. supposed to be painting her writing room after HM is finished? Maybe that’s what I need to do to put some spring in Vesta’s step.I think most of us have been there at one time or another. Sending good juju your way so that the stay with family is as short as possible. It’s a good thing to have a place to go when you need to. It’s even better when you can leave again.

  3. The One and Only John Avatar

    Now is definitely the time to be counting your blessings, and making sure you keep an eye out for the hidden ones. They usually are the most special. Send me a holler if you need a hand with moving heavy things.

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