A New, Fruity Metaphor

Recently I chit-chatted about ‘refilling the well’ of creativity.

The only problem I have with that is that I don’t feel like a well. I feel more like a grape.

When I’m working on a big project, or a pretty steady stream of little projects, I begin like a grape–round and ripe and full of juice. As I type/scribble away the liquid slowly squeezes out. Eventually I reach the end. Drained and wrinkly, like a raisin. Physically I feel that way. Dried out. Less rounded.

Now that I’m not focused on the hugeness of a project I can feel the swelling begin. Soon I will be a nice, ripe grape again, ready to squeeze out new ideas, thoughts, and weird anecdotes. Makes me curious about how other folks feel when they’re ‘recharging their batteries’ or ‘filling the well’ or ‘gassing up the tank.’

If you were a physical object that needed to jumpstart (or whatever, you people know what I mean) what would you be? I’m totally a grape.







4 responses to “A New, Fruity Metaphor”

  1. Ali Avatar

    Would it be terrible of me to make a connection here between the grape metaphor and the fact that you’re preggers? ’cause, you know…

  2. Nicole Avatar

    Big ball of spaghetti here. Lots of weird connections and vaguely conceived scenes. Then a single strand emerges into a story. Very painful process. Used to be easier back in my heyday, pegasus stories and so on. Also, ditto Ali.

  3. Debbie Avatar

    Funny, I thought the same thing. Poor Jenny. Everything comes back to the Peanut.Not sure about the metaphor. Have to thin on it.

  4. Oz, the Mad Avatar

    I feel like a telescope.

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