Resolving the Resolution Game in a Revolving Manner

It’s that time of year…the time of New Year’s Resolutions.

However, after a recent conversation with Shane, I’d like to think of ‘resolutions’ as something slightly more positive. ‘Resolutions’, at least the way they are practiced at the present time, seem to focus on the negative first. “I suck at this, I’m too fat, I’m not good enough” and then moves into the positive adjustment. Well, I think the thought process should be changed.

So it goes more like this:
‘I will do aerobics three times a week to keep my strong heart beating.’ (See? The heart is already strong in this scenario, and you want to keep it that way.)

Or that the idea is more of something you want to accomplish…a stretch goal, as the businesses say:
‘Last year I finished two short stories. This year I will send those short stories out to publishers and write three new stories.’ (That way it builds on work you’ve already done and pushes you to do just a little more than before.)

So, it’s the end of 2007. Maybe some things sucked, maybe some things were great. 2008 is a clean slate. Time to decide–or at least think about–some things you want to accomplish this next year. This is the time to think of the big goals. This is also the time for dreaming. If you don’t have a bigger goal, all those little goals that we set up monthly or weekly aren’t going towards a bigger picture. They’re a way of spinning our wheels.







2 responses to “Resolving the Resolution Game in a Revolving Manner”

  1. The One and Only John Avatar

    My resolution is to resolve to make resolutions. Of that I am resolute.

  2. Ali Avatar

    I like the approach to goal setting. Emphasizing the positive is always good.Are you going to make a list for us?

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