Goals for 2008

All right then, time for the big goals for 2008:

1. Revise and submit FJR
2. Complete rough draft of Children’s Novel 1.
3. Complete rought draft of Children’s Novel 2. (It’s a series.)
4. Complete rough draft of La Llorona Novel.
5. Complete rough draft of Members of the Club Novel.

All in all that’s 260,000 new words by my guesstimation, and revising…which I really like doing. Definitely some stretching going on, but I think it’s totally possible. Even with a new baby demanding attention.

Aside: Actually, when my first kid was born, I got a whole lot done. I mean, what else are you going to do while breastfeeding? It’s not like you can fold clothes and clean the house. Paper is light. Pens are not large.

(Yes, Ali. I’m sure you knew I was going to make a list…I wanted it to be the first entry for 2008 though, easier to flip to…)



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  1. Debbie Avatar

    If you need a voice for the Inner Cheerleader on your goals, it can be mine. I can’t wait to read the results of your completing those goals. Go, Jen-ny! Go, Jen-ny!

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