Will He Make It? Take Two

Nah, he didn't make it to the writer's meeting, but I did--all 9 months of me. However, for those who are interested in life a day after a writer's meeting then I'll tell you the following: Bryce was born! He was 7lbs 14.5oz. He was 19.5 inches long. We're still trying to figure out the … Continue reading Will He Make It? Take Two

Will She Make It?

I have not had a 'writer' fix for two months now. Sure, I met up with the Pirates on the first Thursday of the month, but we didn't do much writing talk (I was too busy being gifted with Pirate Baby Swag...thanks guys!).Now the Sunday critique meeting is coming up. And my baby seems lodged … Continue reading Will She Make It?

I Wanna Print Something!

I've been out of printer toner for about two months now, and that's tragic enough. Today I purchased a two-pack of the toner necessary to get my printer up and running...then tore apart my husband's stash of cables to find the correct ones to connect to the computer (nope, the printer has not been hooked … Continue reading I Wanna Print Something!

Villains Unite!

Perhaps I have been stuck at home too long now. So far I think I have watched the movie Underdog thirteen more times than is healthy.But it's made me wonder about villains. Dr. Bar Sinister is the evil-doer in this particular movie, going toe-to-toe with the wonderous Underdog. Admittedly, even the hero is cartoony but … Continue reading Villains Unite!

Character Sketches: Take Two

So I've been doing the sketches, which is like pre-writing with real writing, and it's taking some adjusting.I've got the main characters and the main plot for the first book and a 'controversy' for the next book. Over it all I have a vague/hazy idea about what the main, overarching plot should be for the … Continue reading Character Sketches: Take Two

Thanks to Elizabeth George

I finished reading Write Away, Elizabeth George's take on novel writing. She writes mysteries and her approach is totally different than mine. I'm one of those people who writes and then sorts it all out later. But, being between projects at the moment, and seeing as how I wanted to try my hand at a … Continue reading Thanks to Elizabeth George

On Being a Professional "Beginner" and The Movie: The Prestige

So, I did not get the critiques done for last month because I wasn't going to make it to the meeting anyway and now I have to do two months worth of short stories and novel chapters. You know what I have found interesting in the pile of work of before me? The amount of … Continue reading On Being a Professional "Beginner" and The Movie: The Prestige