Galley Stuff

In the last couple weeks, I have had the opportunity to look at the galleys of the magazines in which my stories will be appearing. The experience is a heady one. There are your words, and you didn't have to type them this time, and someone else has formatted and made them look pretty. Of … Continue reading Galley Stuff

May is Over, June is In

I didn't really set any goals for April or May. At first I decided that I would pat my back for things I got done and not worry about what I set out to do.Apparently praise doesn't work for me. I didn't even do a decent blog session this month.So, back to goal time (and … Continue reading May is Over, June is In

Rejections are nice, but this is nicer…

Yay!My short story, "The Elegance of Things Once Living," has been accepted by Skive Magazine for publication in their June 2008 issue!

Round Story Action Time

Our round story is progressing nicely. We have a large quantity of pages and a lot of schtuff that happens. Right now it's my turn and I think I've decided what I wanna do--probably a good thing since it's due tomorrow.However, I plan to propose a couple things relating to the story now that we're … Continue reading Round Story Action Time

Quotes from Ancient Greeks

I was at work the other day and flipped through a book of "Ancient Wisdom." Inside there was a quote from some brilliant Greek philosopher (I think he was Greek) that went along the lines of this:"If you want to be a good reader: read. If you want to be a good writer: write."Now, before … Continue reading Quotes from Ancient Greeks


In front of me, I have a couple of books that I read a while ago. There are notes in the margins...and things like smiley faces for passages that I liked. Now, my question for today is: what do the notes you make in the margins say about you? I'm not limiting this to novels … Continue reading Marginalia