Month: July 2008

Rough Month Ahead

For July, I hit a large quantity of my goals. The writing was a little slow, so hopefully I’ll be able to pick up the pace. August, however, is gonna hurt. Note the critique load: 7 (seven!) critiques for UGWP…and they are of a longish variety (my submission makes 8) 3 for CWC…and those are…

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Got a submission ready

Okay, so it’s not the full story, but even partially done, the beginning is running at 6 pages. This is gonna be a long one, so I don’t feel bad anymore about splitting it into–probably 3–different submissions for the Sunday group. Of course, in my excitement I forgot page numbers…off to do that by hand!

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Use it or lose it

It’s been a while since I’ve flexed my short story muscles. They seem very out of shape. Flabby even. I seem to keep wanting to add arcs and characters and whatnot. Admittedly, I’m planning a rather longer short story but I still feel that itch to add “Chapter One” to the top of the page.…

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Now I know some bar things

Last night was interesting. Met Ali at the bar and rushed through the back of the service area. Apparently I had everything turned around. There are a lot more coolers than I’d figured on. To say the least. The back of a bar looks far more industrial than the nineteenth century saloons would have you…

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Bar Research

I suppose if you’re going to write a novel it should be about something you’re interested in. After all, at some point, you will have to research various aspects of your piece–so that you don’t sound like a total schlub to the people who read your work. So Ali has graciously offered to let me…

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Ahh, poetry

Just received my first rejection for poetry, which was interesting. With my short stories I’ve gotten plenty of rejections and they followed the usual pattern: form, form with personal note, acceptances. Now, with this new genre, I am back to form. No thank you. No ‘please submit again.’ The sting of it all. I mean,…

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July Time

June went fairly well. There was only one or two really panicky moments…one of them being the day of the CWC meeting–while I had all 50+ pages done, I unfortunately did not have them typed up and was, of course, making a desperate attempt to finish right up until the last minute. So, that brings…

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