Ahh, poetry

Just received my first rejection for poetry, which was interesting. With my short stories I’ve gotten plenty of rejections and they followed the usual pattern: form, form with personal note, acceptances.

Now, with this new genre, I am back to form. No thank you. No ‘please submit again.’ The sting of it all. I mean, I’m not as attached to my poetry. But still, as a writer you think “I can write anything!” At least I do. But you’ve gotta put in the time in the genre you’re wanting to publish in. Yes? I just haven’t put in the same amount of man hours into poetry as I have in stories/fiction.

So, does that make publishing in novels doubly hard? You have to put in an incredible amount of time just to churn out one rough draft. Then there’s the revising. Then you look at what you’ve learned from it, realize it’s probably crap, and need to do another one. But you have already put in so much time. Yeesh.

Here’s to plugging away.

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Jenny writes dark fiction that her mother hates. Her stories and essays have appeared in Across the Margin, Pantheon, Shimmer, Black Denim Lit, Skive, and others. When she’s not writing her own stuff, she’s reading mysteries for Criminal Element. When she’s not writing fiction or reviews, she’s writing/directing/performing/designing plays at Springs Ensemble Theatre.

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  1. Yeah, poetry is trickier by way of subjectivity. Not only is there subject matter to contend with there’s even form, meter, etc. which people can like or dislike.Hang in there, you’re a groovy poet.

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