Comments from the Peanut Gallery

Friday night, after closing on Thursday evening and then opening on Friday morning, I attended the Fourth Annual American Icon. Didn't participate in this one--unless you count whooping and hollering for my buds participation.And let me tell you: Deb, Fleur, and John kicked all kinds of butt.Deb conquered her fear and stood in front of … Continue reading Comments from the Peanut Gallery

Failure Sound-Off

Everyone else did it. (See Ali, Deb, and John at right...)Right now I'm looking for a job. Already I've done two interviews and two second interviews--so now it's a foot race for who can offer me better stuff. And that sounds good, right?Here's the thing: None of them are the job I really want and … Continue reading Failure Sound-Off

Who to cheer for?

Hmmm, it's been a while since there's been actual competition amongst the writers.But now, it seems Ali and John are having it out in an old-school smackdown style. Who will to fifteen pages first? Who will create compelling characters, develop fascinating plots, and type the fastest.Here's the thing.Actually, I'm sure they'll both make the goal … Continue reading Who to cheer for?

A revelation that’s probably only interesting to me…

I was looking at the calendar today, judging exactly how much time I had to procrastinate before I was really, really in trouble as far as getting the writing done. Usually, the last Sunday is before the last Monday. This month, that is not so.So, here's what that means:1. Finish all CWC stuff first. Because … Continue reading A revelation that’s probably only interesting to me…

The Twilight Zone

Last night I was surrounded by teenage vampires (and maybe a couple werewolves...). Not only vampires, but vampires dressed to the nines. Prom dresses galore. Not to mention dark lipstick, combat-boot-fishnet combos, and big hair. All out celebrating the release of Stephanie Meyer's fourth installment of the Twilight series: Breaking Dawn.The faces of the 'normal' … Continue reading The Twilight Zone