Month: September 2008

Are there any real losers?

For those of you keeping track of Ali and John’s competition, I know you’re with me when I say: Those two have done some work. Word Count Math: Both have done about 80 or so pages in less than two weeks. That’s an amazing blast of words for those of us who are not Stephen…

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Competition: Is It Right For You?

Iron John has proclaimed that competition is not for the weak, and I tend to agree with his argument. I also say that competition, healthy and vital competition, is necessary for development as a writer. In my college classes there was a certain ‘squaring up’–‘partnering’–‘creation of nemeses’ amongst the classmates. In essence, one would pick…

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My Very Own Reading Challenge

Looking over at my lists on the side there, I see that my reading has been skimpy compared to previous years. So my challenge for the next week or so is to read three books. Presently, I am reading My Sister, My Love by Joyce Carol Oates. I am now accepting application/recommendations for the next…

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Never Get Cocky

That’s the message that I received in the mail today. First: Free copies of Shimmer magazine…the issue in which I was published! Yippee! I’m the best writer ever! Second: Rejection letter right below it. “Sorry, it’s not right for us” yadda yadda yadda. You just gotta take the bad with the good, ya know?

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