Sometimes 'filling the well' feels more like 'stuffing the turkey'--less graceful than water pouring into a well, to be sure.As I try to move into my new, larger projects (two at a time! whoo-hoo!) I'm trying to learn from other mistakes and thought processes. Right now I'm reading Robert Olen Butler's Where You Dream, Donald … Continue reading

My First Wednesday Prompt

For those who are interested but don't know the rules, here they are.And now:I thought I would share with you some of the cards I received for my birthday. Okay, so I only got a couple cards. I’ll share with you the comments from the mail I received on my birthday:“Wow, you’re still alive? Good … Continue reading My First Wednesday Prompt

Discovering your process is a process

I do not believe in writer's block. To even write about writer's block indicates that 'block' is not real. I do believe in creative standstills, where you're facing a writing problem (i.e. what should my character do next? how do I make such and such more believeable to the reader). I also understand it when … Continue reading Discovering your process is a process

Constructive vs Destructive

First off: What Deb Said.Second off:Today I had a woman, a writer, come into the store where I work to talk to me. We have had previous conversations and I took a writing sample of hers to be considered for one of the groups. Now, I also told her about another critique group that she … Continue reading Constructive vs Destructive

Taking a Moment to Acknowledge "The End"

I've been working my way through the monthly critiques early this month. And it occured to me while reading that Marie, of The Underground Writing Project, has handed in the final chapter of her book Darkwings. It also occured to me that when she handed it in we did not have proper appreciation for that … Continue reading Taking a Moment to Acknowledge "The End"