What I’m Learning From This Race

For those of you who may have missed the last couple posts, or may not have understood them, my friends Deb, Ali, fellow blogger B. Freret, and I are all in race to see who can get the most words written in two weeks.I'm not going to talk about our word count now.Right now I'd … Continue reading What I’m Learning From This Race

The Desk: Take 3: Smack Talk

So, Shane and I (and Matt) have just moved my desk in anticipation of the word race that will commence on Monday.Now it's in a cubical style layout with Shane's desk downstairs. Hopefully this means that I won't wake anyone up while working late/early hours. You know...those hours where I'll be writing so many words … Continue reading The Desk: Take 3: Smack Talk

Does a novel really need to have a story?I'm reading World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War by Max Brooks. I'm loving it so far (I'm a little more than halfway through). But it occurs to me that it's not really a story in the traditional sense of the word. There's characters. … Continue reading

Additional September Goal:

Stomp Ali and Deb!We're going to officially start next Monday. As there are more takers this go-round, the consequences of failure increase exponentially. Because not only to you not want to lose--but you don't want to be last. And there's a difference. If you're last that means two people came out ahead of you and … Continue reading Additional September Goal:

Have I mentioned recently that writing stinks and that anyone who tries to make something really good should just give up?Shut up, Jenny. That kind of thinking is very negative and accomplishes nothing. You are just looking for sympathy and you won't get any here. But it's hard.Get over it. Life's a bitch and then … Continue reading

You Too Can Be a Writer’s Hero

The other night, on the evilness that is Facebook, I wound up chatting with a friend that I haven't seen in months. (I'm pretty sure the chatting was cutting into his writing time, but he didn't complain.) Adam exudes the impression that he writes pretty consistantly and doesn't whine about not finishing something on time … Continue reading You Too Can Be a Writer’s Hero

Different Genres, Same Difficulties

This past month I have had the opportunity to read a biography written by one of my friends. As this bio was not her own, she had to do all kinds of interviews and research. Last night she was telling us all what she had to do/had done and I was 1.) impressed that she … Continue reading Different Genres, Same Difficulties