Here’s the thing when you’re writing about men who lie: they lie.

The Bundy section of Up From the Basement was more difficult to write than the Kemper section because Bundy was more of a liar (or possibly, not as good of a liar) as Kemper. Kemper gave details that were consistant across the material that I read/looked up/listened to. Bundy was pretty obviously a big fat liar, but a fairly good one, so some things from the “mythos” of Bundy hold up against some scrutiny.

Gacy was a big fat liar who wore clown masks. Nothing he says matches anything that he said earlier. Even about work at Kentucky Fried Chicken. Hello? It’s a fast food restaurant, not the United Nations. He makes me dizzy and I can’t get a good grasp on what aspects I want to hit on regarding him.

There are some startingly good images that pop into my brain from his interviews and photographs, and that’s generally enough to kick off a poem. I just want more than that and it’s frustrating.

I know, Ali. I shall now just shut up and write…..

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Jenny writes dark fiction that her mother hates. Her stories and essays have appeared in Across the Margin, Pantheon, Shimmer, Black Denim Lit, Skive, and others. When she’s not writing her own stuff, she’s reading mysteries for Criminal Element. When she’s not writing fiction or reviews, she’s writing/directing/performing/designing plays at Springs Ensemble Theatre.

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