The Thinking is the Problem

Recently I started a new job. Yay! More money, more fun position.

My new position is more fun because it involves stratigizing–which I dig. It’s what I like about the writing process. Sorting out problems, finding the solutions, and hopefully the result is reward: publication, money, etc.

Turns out, the new job’s challenges seem to be problematic towards my writing. Namely, I’m so busy stratigizing for the new job that it’s distracting from my writing. I’m having to do some creative problem-solving with the work situtation, and I haven’t figured out how to sort that creative energy from the writing’s creative energy–turns out I’m leaking my creative energy all over the place.

This turns into a weird psychological conundrum in that I don’t want to spend my energy on stuff that isn’t making my writing. But, ya know, the kids want to be fed. It feels like I’m being forced to settle.

Somehow I’ve got to separate the forced world from the writing world. I know some of you have had to deal with similar issues with work and school–please, please let me know how you dealt with it. (I am trying to keep in mind that this job is all of two weeks old and the newness will wear off eventually and it’ll probably be rote performance after that…therefore the rhythm will come back. But I’m not there yet.)

5 thoughts on “The Thinking is the Problem

  1. I'd say just breathe deep and wait to catch your stride. Once you get into a rhythm with the new job, you'll figure out a way to repair the energy leak.

  2. Do something brainless, like painting a wall or playing with the kids. Works for me; it all comes back to you when you relax.

    And how stupid were you to take that promotion? :-))))

  3. I agree with Fleur. Spend some time doing stuff that will leave your right brain free to play.

    I know, easier said than done. But I find vacuuming the floor can put me in the zone.

    And don't worry about it. Also ESTD. You'll get there.

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