Almost there….

As Ali has said: tommorow is the day. And while she was busy moving some new-to-the Springs friends in, here is how everyone but me surged past her:John: 48, 266Marie: 42,591Matt: 38,933Ali: 34,100Jenny: 15,176Let's see who can bring it home by midnight tomorrow!

E-xclusivity: The Word on the Bookselling Street

See previous post for current Amazon/Wylie Adventuretime In Books.At a staff meeting recently at one of the big chain bookstores to which I was privvy, there was a brief but interesting discussion regarding the Amazon/Wylie exclusivity venture. Seems that some booksellers have come to the conclusion that exclusivity for e-book titles is detrimental to the … Continue reading E-xclusivity: The Word on the Bookselling Street

A New ‘Agency’ Model?

There's been some recent hubbub about agent Andrew Wylie's deal with Amazon--to exclusively sell backlist for a list of big-name/legendary authors in e-book form. The exclusivity lasts two years, and while I have my own personal issues with bookselling in any format as exclusive, that's not what I want to talk about.What struck me as … Continue reading A New ‘Agency’ Model?

Writing Race Update

For all my Facebook smack-talking, I have not caught up with Ali today. She can rest safely for another day. As I've let myself get smoked, I have decided that while losing definitely sucks (and losing significantly sucks even more) that there is still an advantage to competing. Namely: I wasn't producing this much two … Continue reading Writing Race Update

Copying Fleur; or, I Write Like…

I write likeRaymond ChandlerI Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!If you need a distraction from writing, this is a fun one!I Write Like**The Raymond Chandler result was for the La Llorona novel. I threw in bits from my other novel and got Stephen King, threw in a different short story and … Continue reading Copying Fleur; or, I Write Like…

I have no time to talk about how badly I'm losing. I'm just losing. Off to hopefully not lose as badly.

The Satisfaction of Filling a Notebook

Sure, you can write on a computer. I hear that many writers do so. In fact, I recently read Lawerence Block's chapter in Spider, Spin Me a Web in which he said that writing on a screen was the best way to write because that way you have control over what the prose looks like. … Continue reading The Satisfaction of Filling a Notebook