Month: December 2010

Stay Tuned!

Changes coming for the New Year! You see some of them already! Let’s hear it for 2011! Everyone have a safe weekend. Drive safely…and remember to line up your designated drivers now! Cheers!

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2010 Wrap Up

First off, thanks to everyone who has commented and dropped by this year. I hope you found something to entertain you! 2010 was a pretty kickin’ year for me. The bestest bit was finishing all the classes required for my B.A. Yay for being done with school! My other biggie-happy was Nathan Bransford’s teen writing…

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The Animal Angle

I dont’ think anyone can talk about Rita Mae Brown’s work fairly without discussing the “animal angle.” I’ve never written a story or a novel from the POV of an animal. Mostly because I, personally, have never been inspired to do so. However, Rita Mae Brown has made quite a lucrative career from writing from…

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The Seasonal Series Perk

Throughout the year there are these things called “Holidays.” Let’s see: the Fourth of July, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween, and on and on it goes. Yep, there are holidays all over the place. A perk to writing any series, not just a cozy mystery series, I would assume, would be the seasonality of…

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The Bonus Tracks

Back to cozy-time! Finished reading Murder Most Frothy, and this is my favorite type of cozy to read, I’ve decided. Do you want to know why? Let me tell you why: The Bonus Tracks! At the back of the book is a list of coffee-making tips and recipes. Awesome. In the spirit of both the…

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Last Day of School

The holiday season begins in earnest now. Shane (teacher) and Owen (student) are both out of school today. There’s only one week left! And a shot of our Christmas tree to help pass the holiday spirit along. Good luck everyone! **Technical difficulties repaired! Voila, my tree: How are you guys hanging in there?

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Jenny is a Sexist

I admit it. I just started reading Murder Most Frothy. Upon opening the book I was confronted with *gasp* a brief prologue in which the anonymous killer is shooting the hapless victim. I got through the first couple paragraphs (paragraphs about gun models, bullet calibers, etc.) and had the immediate thought: Cleo Coyle is a…

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