Closet Cleaning

Cleaning, you know I hate it.

You know what else I hate? Cats. You know what I really, really, really hate? Cleaning up closets after cats have been there.


But there is something postive that comes from cleaning. It’s a cathartic measure. Out with old, in the with the new. Like the new tile we’re putting into both of our bathrooms/closets. When we’re all done this will be One Less Thing To Worry About. Check it off, baby!

We’ve (by We read: Shane, my delightful husband) already repainted both bathrooms. We’ve installed our new countertops. We’ve go the tile lined up and ready to go!

I’m thrilled for a few reasons, not the least of which is that this sh*t just needed to get done and it makes the whole place more pleasant. But my biggest reason is that I truly have a hard time creating around un-creative clutter. Toppling piles of books? You’ve got it: I can write there. Crazy kid artwork? Yep, I can work there too.

Piles of clothes, toys, more clothes, dishes, and “What the hell is that?” Not so much. I also really despise the “We’re almost done but not quite there” clutter of home improvement. Paint brushes, piles of stuff waiting for a new home–these get me to pulling my hair out. (And I have a lot of hair, so that could take a while.)

Since the New Year means that I get to write at home, all this stuff needs to be under control pronto or I will be a flippy mess that Shane will want to brick-up-Poe-style. And trust me, he’s got the tools to do it!

More on the glory of the Garage Sale soon!

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