December, a time to ‘cozy’ up; or, D.B. made me

After a recent critique session, one of my writers group members, D.B., mentioned that she had difficulty with the group’s critiques because none of us really read them: so how can she take what we did say and apply it toward her writing?

My first response, in my head, is that good writing is good writing and a well-written cozy mystery should read like any other well-written story. Period. And I still think so.

However, it would be very negligent of me, as someone who is trying to help my friend write what she wants to write, to not pay attention to the conventions of the genre in which she wants to write. To just sit back and say “Just write a good story” is supremely unfair.

So, to fulfill the hole that exists in my own reading experience, I have decided to dedicate this month to reading some cozy mysteries and seeing what I can figure out about the genre. And you guys get to hear all about that experience!

But first, a question for you: what genre have you never read, or read very little?

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Jenny writes dark fiction that her mother hates. Her stories and essays have appeared in Across the Margin, Pantheon, Shimmer, Black Denim Lit, Skive, and others. When she’s not writing her own stuff, she’s reading mysteries for Criminal Element. When she’s not writing fiction or reviews, she’s writing/directing/performing/designing plays at Springs Ensemble Theatre.

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  1. I was going to say that I read everything, but I don't know that I've ever read much military SciFi. Which, now that I think of it, may have been unfair to Matt (just don't tell him). And I don't read a lot of political non-fiction, mainly because it just makes me mad.

    And good on ya for stretching to help a friend. I agree that good writing is good writing, but there are conventions to be aware of in any genre.

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