Month: January 2011

The Woolf Pack and Mentor

I once had the pleasure of listening to Dan Lazar, of The Writers House Agency, present his impression of writing and writers. He said one thing that has stuck with me ever since: “Great writers write in packs.” Maybe it’s because I just got back from one of my own pack meetings, but I believe…

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Random Post of Accountability!

Here’s what I have done so far for the month of January: Finished rough draft of one short story — and I’m almost done with the rewrite for my writers groups Almost done with a second short story — just need to add the end, which requires some shifting at the beginning. Then I’ll jump…

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Google Your Name Much?

“Reflection: It is presumably a bad thing to look through articles, reviews, etc. to find one’s own name. Yet I often do.”~Virginia Woolf, A Writer’s Diary While reading through Woolf’s diary, it’s easy to conclude: It’s good Virginia Woolf did not live in the time of Google or Amazon Reviews. Because, holy moly! The girl…

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Birthday Facts Anyone?

Just found this wonderful run-down via the Huffington Post: 59 Things You Didn’t Know About Virginia Woolf The list was put together in honor of Woolf’s birthday. Didn’t know she took longer than average to form coherent sentences? Well, I’d say she made up for it. Enjoy!

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Your Form is Showing, or Is It?

Deciding to plunge forward on a frustrating piece is one of the most difficult, and most common, decisions a writer must make. If a character isn’t cooperating, if a POV isn’t functioning, if there’s that intangible something telling you that the piece is suffering, it can be hard to convince yourself to press on. After…

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Writing Schedules!

We all do it, and now we can count Virginia Woolf among the ranks of “Writers Who Obsessively Plan About When To Get Stuff Done!” Take for example: “But my mind is full of The Hours [Mrs. Dalloway]. I am now saying that I will write at it for 4 months, June, July, August and…

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Dangers of the Diary

Virginia Woolf kept a diary. In 1954, her husband, Leonard Woolf released the portions of her diary that involved her writing and her process. This meant that he had to wade through — wait for it — 26 book-length volumes of a loosely kept diary in order to find all those nuggets. Now, I know…

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