Month: March 2011

  • Satire I: Definitions, the Trick of It, and A Modest Proposal

    When we’re talking about a guy like Wodehouse, humorist extraordinaire, it’s impossible not to talk about satire. So we’re going to pause our regularly scheduled programming to talk less about our mentor directly (don’t worry, it’ll come back around) and talk in more general terms about satire itself–which we’ll define as a comeuppance to society […]

  • Wodehouse and Woolf in High School, an Imaginary Dialogue by Jenny

    Wodehouse Right ho, Virginia! How are you today? Did you finish that one assignment for English? Woolf (struggles with piles of papers as she walks down the hallway to her next class) Does it look like I have finished? I’m still struggling with the type of flower that my main character should be picking at […]

  • The Man Who Needs No Introduction is Getting One Anyway: P.G. Wodehouse!

    Before I even knew who Jeeves was, I would yell at my father “Ho, Jeeves!” whenever he drove us anywhere. It took a long time to figure out that Jeeves was a character that had been created somewhere. I thought he’d been a real famous butler. But no! The giant-brained Jeeves and his less-brained man […]