Young Marple? Jennifer Garner? What?

In late March, the Huffington Post announced: Jennifer Garner to Play Miss Marple. Yes, that Miss Marple. The Miss Marple of Agatha Christie’s brain. The Miss Marple who has been a spinster for years and years.

Result: Much OUTCRY! Check out MTV’s movieblog: Jennifer Garner Not to Play

Now, for the record: I’m not really opposed to the idea.

Though, I have a few thoughts on the idea of a reboots/remakes/rewhatevers.
1. The reboot/remake/rewhatever needs to keep its integral relation to the original.
Let’s take the Smurf movie for example. I have not seen this movie, but based on the previews it seems like the producers/writers/whoever-in-charges missed the fact that these are fantasy creatures, set in a fairy-tale like world. That’s the only reason they are not as ridiculous as they could be. Putting them in New York? Really? Wouldn’t the story have been as good (if not better?) in the fantasy world they already exist in? You can’t take away something like that or it seems, well, stupid.

To make Miss Marple young is a verrrry questionable thing — but it can still be made integral. After all, Miss M. had to be young at some point. She had to gain the observational experiences that make her so gifted as an older character. A young version would be interesting in that regard.

2. The reboot/remake/rewhatever should not be back-to-back with the original.
For example, Spiderman.  I recently learned that they’re doing a reboot. Why? Sure, that last movie was not the best (and, actually, if they’d just struck the Sandman bit, it wouldn’t have been so convaluted–one bad guy too many, people!), but it sure wasn’t the downfall of the franchise.

Miss Marple hasn’t had a blockbuster series/movie in a while. It’s about time for us new generations to find her.

3. (and this may seem contradictory to #1, but isn’t): If you’re going to do it, own it.
Batman. Been there, done that, right? Yet every time a new director or new vision comes to it, it seems to improve. Michael Keaton’s Batman was light years ahead of Adam West’s. And the Christian Bale reboots have been Oscar worthy. If you watch the three different Bats back-to-back, each of them has their own distinct feel and look…yet all of them are still Batman.

Seems like the idea of making Miss Marple young, and casting Alias ass-kicker Jennifer Garner to star is something that you’d have to own, if you’re going to do it. I think that Garner is a talented enough actress (loved her in Juno and The Invention of Lying) it would be interesting to watch her play a young Miss Marple — because, let’s face it, it’d have to be Miss Marple’s personality that shuts down the suitors if she’s got Garner’s face….


5 thoughts on “Young Marple? Jennifer Garner? What?

  1. Interesting idea. I'd like to see if they can pull it off.

    I just saw X-Men: First Class and really liked it. Part of the key, I think, is to cast someone that looks like they could “grow up” to be the character we've come to love. Like Chris Pine in Star Trek looking like he would eventually be James Kirk as we know him, James McAvoy looks like he could become Patrick Stewart, I mean Professor X.

  2. Deb-I agree that 'growing into a character' is an element that helps. I wonder if I can see Jennifer Garner 'growing' into Marple.

    (Now I'm kinda laughing in my head, because that seems a real stretch…)

    But Chris Pine…he's just yummy all around, I think I'd take him regardless. But they casted all-around well, in my opinion, on the Star Trek re-do. Zachary Quinto as Spock? How perfect was that?

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