Tuesday Post of Accountability!: Rewriting Chapters

It’s Tuesday again! And every Tuesday you will be subjected to regaled by the writing progress I have made over the last week. But! I insist that I not be the only one exposing myself sounding off. Let your comments reflect what kind of suffering butt-kicking you have done too!

Stuff I’ve accomplished this week:

1. Had to rewrite not one, but two chapters this week–and only partially succeeded. One chapter was because I realized I’d originally written in the wrong POV. Frustrating to realize that. I did manage to finish that chapter.

The second chapter I had to re-do was because I realized I didn’t have the real-life know-how to pull off the way that I’d set up…and I could tell the scene better if I changed it. (The POV character was originally saving the life of another important character via surgery…but I can’t get the information that I need into the story from an unconscious character…so POV character will work on a different, conscious character and therefore will still show life-saving capabilities and get info into the story.) Still haven’t finished this sequence because I can’t balance writing fast and getting in the level of detail that I want. Will probably have more to report on this scene next week.

2. I’m almost done filling in my very first notebook from start to finish. Yay! This is the notebook where I write down random thoughts, bitch about how the writing process is going, examine what may or may not be impeding my progress, and write quotes/thoughts about reading. I have done this in various notebooks but this is the first time I’ve used up one whole notebook.

3. Tried to accomplish lots of reading as well. According to Goodreads’s barometer, I’m 20ish books behind on my goal to read 100 books this year. Plus, in order to talk about Kerouac I have to read him. Go figure. Did manage to finish reading 2 books.

4. Sent early completed chapters of TL off to first readers. I’ll bitch about examine what they to say in a later post. (I love youse guys!)

Let me know I wasn’t alone! Whatdja do this week?

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Post of Accountability!: Rewriting Chapters

  1. Sounds like you're doing great!
    I'm *this* closse to finishing edits on paper. Then I have to type up all the bloody scribbles and work out what all the arrows and stars mean 🙂
    Will you be sharing a snip or two?

  2. Man, trying to sort out stars and arrows and proofreading marks can make you go blind and fry your brain! Be careful with that! (I'm trying to edit a buddy's work via computer, because he's currently outta state and I'm not about to mail the whole manuscript, which is the first time I've done that…definitely, definitely stick to paper edits first!)

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