An Announcement and Mapping: A Tuesday Post of Accountability

Hello my fellows, my comrades, my peeps! I hope this Tuesday finds you happily typing away on your keyboards.

These past couple weeks have calmed enough for me to post what I’ve actually done.

But first! An announcement!:

Considering the amount of reading and extrapolating I have to do for this blog, and considering the amount of work that I have to do on my works-in-progress I decided to recruit a partner on this blog project of mine. My good friend Ali will be popping in and taking on some mentor posts of her own. Ali has more degrees than me, an attitude that has earned her the nickname ‘demon,’ and is a fantabulous writer. She’s got the pulse of contemporary fantasy authors down pat and has a Masters in English Lit. So she’s pretty well rounded. Keep an eye peeled for her upcoming posts!

I’m hoping this addition will keep the posting consistent and less scatter-shot.

And now…here’s what I’ve been up to the last couple weeks:

1. Drawing/sketching settings. I went out and bought a sketch book (this is laughable since I have no artistic skill whatsoever). Then I proceeded to go through and list the settings that I needed to know backwards and forwards – since my group pointed out they couldn’t tell where anything was…and yeah, I had people turning left when they should’ve gone right. My bad. This should fix it.

Part of my setting sketches went toward a new project which I’m also working on with Ali. It occurred to me that a setting sketch would be doubly important when you’re working with another writer. Not all rooms look the same to all people apparently. So we needed a base and I drew a rough one, sent it to Ali, and she had the grace not to laugh where I could hear.

Illustration 1: (Don’t laugh)

2. Outlining. There’s a great debate about outlining. But I have fallen on the side of outlining once I realized that an ‘outline’ did not mean this

Main Topic
A. Supporting Topic 1
    1. support of supporting topic 1
    2. further support of supporting topic 1
B. Supporting Topic 2
     1. support of supporting topic 2
     2. further support of supporting topic 2
C. Supporting Topic 3
     1. support of supporting topic 3
     2. further support of supporting topic 3


My outlining looks more like this (again, don’t laugh…and if you read too close you may or may not get spoilers…heaven knows what’ll stay).

Illustration 2:

I know, this doesn’t look like writing, does it? But I assure you, my word count will increase exponentially after doing this work. And I’m hoping it will also keep me from rewriting TOTALLY and COMPLETELY for goofy reasons like having the character in the wrong spot at the wrong time.
So…what’ve you guys been up to? Have you started this new year with a bang?

6 thoughts on “An Announcement and Mapping: A Tuesday Post of Accountability

  1. No laughter here. Your sketch looks very much like a couple I've done. I can draw, but I don't know Jack about drafting. No one's going to build a house from the sketch or lay out a town. So, as long as it helps keep everything in place, I say it's a beauty.

    Also like the outline. I may invest in some poster board. Can I ask what the numbers represent? I thought they were chapter numbers at first, but it doesn't look like it.

    Congratulations on getting some help with the blog. I'm thinking you can hold your own with The Demon. Although if it came down to a bet . . . Nope, not going there.

  2. Deb-the numbers are part of my sectioning system within the chapters. Totally inspired by Stephen King. It's also how I'm going to rework some of the structural issues that have popped up with the early chapters too. Smaller bits = big results. =)

  3. I'm outlining too, and realize I stink at it. It's so much easier just to write 🙂 I like all the colors in yours.

    Ali–awesome. Her stories still haunt me (eyes, crows, all that).

  4. Yeah, I'm guessing that the lower two lines of my 'outline' will not make it into the story as I have it in my head right now. I've never outlined a story from beginning to end though. How do you think it's gonna work for you?

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