Back in the Saddle: A Tuesday Post of Accountability

Welcome to Tuesday, writer friends! ‘Tis the day to view our writing progress.

1. For me, January was supposed to be the month of my Triumphant Return To The Novel! I took December off to focus on family and holiday stuff. You guys know how that is, I’m sure. So January! Time to write! And…I missed my word count. Badly.

But this last week I’ve hit my stride again – and I’m almost done with a new chapter. Yay! I’m behind where I’d like to be, but this isn’t a race right? (RIGHT?! Someone please tell me this isn’t a race!) (Okay, I’m better now. I think.)

2. Yeah, refer to #1 – that’s about all I did. Played a lot of computer solitaire and plotted in my head too…does that count? Let’s count it.

But, all in all, I’m back in the saddle and riding (writing) away.

How’d you guys do? 

2 thoughts on “Back in the Saddle: A Tuesday Post of Accountability

  1. This actually IS a race. Sorry 😉

    Sometimes, just thinking about stuff is more important, I think–no sense writing if you don't know what's next. That's like getting into the car without anywhere to go–you just end up sitting in the driveway. Or something like that.

    I'm trucking along writing book 2 in the Double Vision series–fun, fun.

  2. I'm with Fleur–well, not the race part–but if we didn't take time to plot in our heads, there'd be nothing to write down. At least that's how it works for me.

    Jenny: Keep it up. One word after the other is the only thing that gets us there.

    Fleur: Yay! I want to finally read these books.

    To myself: Get a move on! You've got 70 pages to write before the 20th!!!

    [Exclamation points help me get fired up.]

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