Margaret Atwood on Her Creative Process

Okay, here’s a great little interview from Big Think, asking Margaret Atwood all those questions that we writers love to ask other writers…especially those more successful or smarter than us.

Something interesting that struck me in her methodology was the ‘rolling barrage’ – because I do this. As she describes it: the rolling barrage is the process of writing by hand, typing that in, writing by hand, typing it in, and on.

Check it out, it’s only four minutes and she just might help you figure out which idea you should be
writing about….



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2 responses to “Margaret Atwood on Her Creative Process”

  1. Debbie Avatar

    I've used the rolling barrage, too. But now I worry about getting shot in the back by my own side.

  2. Jenny Maloney Avatar

    Damn the friendly fire! Full speed ahead!

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