March Mentor: George R. R. Martin

I was first introduced to George R. R. Martin a couple of years ago when someone said, “Hey, I got this really good book. Do you want to read it when I’m done?” That book was A Game of Thrones. For those of you who are familiar with it, you know it’s not a slim book. Yet, I sped right through it. I likewise read the second and third books in the series in no time flat. Recently, I had the chance to watch season one of the HBO series based off of the books. I was impressed at how closely the show follows the books and how well it translates all of the best aspects of Martin’s writing.

What are those wonderful things? In a word: messiness. There are good characters who do terrible things and dark characters who have moments of redemption. The lines between what’s good and what’s bad never hold still. As the series progressed I found that some of the characters I loved to hate had turned into characters that a part of me was rooting for. It’s the kind of character development you can really sink your teeth into.

When Jenny said we should do Martin as a mentor, I thought it was a fantastic idea. March is going to be good, folks. Get ready.







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  1. Jenny Maloney Avatar

    Yes…I think character talks will dominate the George R.R. Martin discussion. How could it not?!

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