Filling Notebooks: A Tuesday Post of Accountability

Tuesday sneaks up on me sometimes. Time to be accountable! Here is what I have done this past week:

1. Glorious news! I have almost filled a 120 page notebook with new novel words! The rough kind of words, but words nonetheless! Next week I should be able to say: filled a notebook. Such almost-satisfaction. I can see the end. I’ll be done with the notebook in just a couple days. Things are trucking along…and I think I can see the last hill I have to climb before I’m finished with the whole rough draft of The Line.

*the crowd cheers*

(Admittedly, it’s just seeing the last hill…still gotta climb it and hope to heaven that there isn’t some kind of mountain range behind it. I’m sure that happened to the covered wagon trains when they saw the Sierra Nevadas: “We’ve crossed plains! We’ve crossed a huge mountain range! We’ve crossed an unbearably hot desert! Look, it’s a hill! One more thing! Oh. Wait a sec.” That had to be a rough day.)

2. Started second drafts of two short stories. So, yay for progress.

Soon I’ll be able to add to my list of stories I’m submitting. My submittable short story list has been woefully short for a while. When you’re focusing on novel-length work, the time to create new short stories (and actually revise and polish them) is tight. But I’ve recently felt the need to say that something was finished. That I’m making some kind of progress.

Because working on a big ol’ novel sometimes feels like you’re spinning your wheels…even when you’re not.

3. Got some new short story ideas, and one idea for a play. My buddy John has recently been super-active in our local theatre community. Going to these play recently, I have been inspired. I had a one-act play produced when I was in college but haven’t embraced the challenge of a full-length. Sometimes you’ve gotta mix it up. (Just ask Neil Gaiman, right?)

And how have you guys been? Got a lot done?

11 thoughts on “Filling Notebooks: A Tuesday Post of Accountability

  1. I'm cheering for your notebook writing, woohoo! Impressive. I hope you'll let me read The Line when you're ready.

    Me, I'm taking a breath after finishing a rough draft of novel 2 in the Double Vision series. Eating cookie dough, watching TV. Next week, the editing begins…

    And before you feel like I'm an overachiever: remember, middle-grade is only around 50k words ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. You both should be proud and you are both overachievers (50k or not). Filling notebooks is cool. Haven't really done that, except for Morning Pages, since Feminine Ink days. And a Novel 2 rough draft is pretty dang awesome. Eat that cookie dough and watch that TV to refill the well.

    I wrote 12 whole pages in 6 weeks. Not so good. My goal for the next 3 weeks is to expand the outline of the new stuff I'm writing at the beginning of MMG. I think if I get that done, I won't be doing so much questioning/editing while I'm writing.

  3. Wow, I admire you, writing by hand in notebooks! I miss not being attached to my laptop all the time. A notebook is a lot lighter to carry around.

    Great accomplishments, all of them!

    I've been single-mindedly working on my revisions.

  4. Ah, revision. It's way easier to do with everything in the computer already. You're saving yourself a few steps…avoiding the whole 'type it again' thing. For that notebook I just filled, I have to type in all those words. Ugh. (I am typo queen.)

  5. Yay for a full notebook! And yay for shiny new ideas – I had one this morning.
    By the way, I'm reading Gaiman's Smoke and Mirrors. Next up, Neverwhere…

  6. Outlining is work too. Knowing what you're about to write allows you to relax and enjoy the drive, like GPS ๐Ÿ™‚ Can't wait to read something new from you Pirate people, btw…

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