Getting After It: A Tuesday Post of Accountability

Welcome to Tuesday, dear writers. That means it’s time to tell tales about what we’ve accomplished this past week.

As for me:
1. Filled a notebook! Yahoo! You know the only thing better than filling a notebook?

Starting a fresh one! Which I have also done this week. I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I will have to do a lot of typing-in because I’ve made the decision to plunge ahead and fill as many notebooks as possible. This means an exceptionally long type-in session of novel writing. And I’m not the quickest on the keyboard…so I’m hoping to take my time and let the type-in assume the role of Second Drafting.

Well, it sounds good to me.

2. Finished a short story. Sent it off to a couple readers to read. So I’ve added to my submittable short story pile. (And I’m pretty sure you guys have heard how short that stack was getting, right? Well, if you haven’t hear…it was getting short.)

3. (Which doesn’t seem writing related but totally is): Called around to find out about enrolling the youngest in preschool. Preschool time for youngest child = writing time for me. Sure, she won’t be able to go until August, but I anticipate a large increase in productivity around that point.

And that was my week. What’d you guys get done?

9 thoughts on “Getting After It: A Tuesday Post of Accountability

  1. Sounds like you're doing alright without the preschool. Hey, imagine what you'll get done in August… I'm a little afraid, to be honest 😉

    School. I swear, there's fairydust surrounding that word 🙂

    I've been editing book 2, and getting a bit more serious about the whole social networking biz. Klout gremlins are happy.

  2. Mwhahaha. Can't wait for August! Fear me!

    (And how did you add a real topic to Klout? I +K'ed you because I love you so much. I was gonna go off and talk about Plastic for the rest of my life. Or Surgery…because they didn't put Plastic Surgery. But you saved me.)

  3. It cost me 5 Klout points, but I had extras. So there. But I love how you're influential on plastic and surgery. There's something about Klout's bot mistakes that delights me 🙂

    And thanks for the +K love. If we give each other enough points, maybe we'll beat Neil Gaiman, hehe…

  4. Yippee on the daycare! And a new notebook. What does it look like? Can you share a picture?

    I figured out what questions I want to answer in my expanded outlines. Doesn't sound like a lot, but it's kinda key to proceeding from here.

    Just don't Klout each other on the head.

  5. You know, I've been tossing around the idea of going back to hand writing in notebooks, just for a change, and I think you just sold me. I loved your statement – the only nicer thing than filling a notebook is starting a new one!

  6. Yay! And the other fun thing is that notebooks are generally prettier than computers. Though I use the Moleskin paperback cahiers – which are rather plain but the paper speed is amazing. Nice and smooth.

  7. I actually got two notebooks the day we saw you and Laurel. Though the ones I really, really, really wanted were $25 each – they had the cool designs on the paper edges so they looked like old-fashioned books. I drooled. Probably ruined them for the next guy.

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