Sloooowww Progress: A Tuesday Post of Accountability

All right, all right, all right, all right.

I do this each week to be held accountable in the hope that when I write a post every Tuesday I can impress all y’all with my impressiveness.

Alas, this is Week Two of Not Much Done At All. I can still blame baseball because it’s still going on…but that’d be a poor excuse. I wish I could self-analyze my lack of progress, but mostly I think I’m against self-analysis at the moment. Perhaps I’m just drained at the moment? Every now and then that happens.

Plus I’m suffering from the Bright Shiny New Idea moment. Only in my case, when it rains, it pours. In the past week I have come up with some really kick-ass premises for some new novels. And a play. And a mini-play. The ideas bombarding me this week are enough to keep me busy for the next five years. Easy.

Yet I can’t seem to get stuff down.

I’m in daydream land right now, not action land.

Help me out here: what do you do to convince yourself to Get To Work?

2 thoughts on “Sloooowww Progress: A Tuesday Post of Accountability

  1. Daydream Land is a good place for a writer to spend some time. And even slow progress is progress.

    You are writing down these ideas, right? Each one in a shiny new notebook? So you can expand on them later? Like after the current WIP? 😉

    I know you're not into self-analysis right now. But how about some WIP analysis? What about it is stopping you/not interesting you? Is the plot veering from the outline or are the characters acting up? Does it have a gnarly scene that may be difficult to write? Is it just being a difficult little bugger?

    Will some well-refilling help? Maybe the shiny new projects are a way of doing that. Allow yourself to play with them a little. A little is not six months. Maybe a week or so. Try your “I'm not allowed to work on big wonderful WIP for the next week (or two), because I'm going to concentrate on the SNPs.”

    Hey, it's worth a shot. Good luck!

  2. I'm with Deb: write down those ideas. Give yourself a break for a change.

    When I'm stuck, I find that it helps to force myself to sit and write (or edit, like I'm doing now) for half an hour. If there's still nothing, I'm allowed to walk away. Usually, I find that once I'm past that first inertia and I'm caught in the story again, I don't want to quit when the thirty minutes is up.

    And enjoy the baseball! The writing will come when you're done dreaming 🙂

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