The Dancer and the Shattered Shell

It's like this when dark comes: you get inside. The rule is simple and absolute.Anna is running late after she finishes her audition. The auditorium doors close behind her and lock. The auditors will be there all night -- but dancers can't stay while they deliberate. It's 5:42pm on a late winter evening. She's never … Continue reading The Dancer and the Shattered Shell

The (Curious Case of the) Watson Intelligence Review!

For those of you in the Colorado Springs area (or those of you who might just be passing by...) here's a review of  the play I'm currently involved with as co-producer.Special thanks to Bill Wheeler, who hosts a great theater blog that you should check out in general!Here's snapshot of What It's All About: A finalist … Continue reading The (Curious Case of the) Watson Intelligence Review!

Change the Geography!!!!

This is less of an exploration of Tana French's work, than a post giving permission to do what she does: change the geography of a real place if it suits your story and don't apologize for it.All of French's novels take place in Dublin, but if you tried to follow her street directions (kinda like … Continue reading Change the Geography!!!!