Introducing: Writing Desk II

A couple months ago, the new owners of the Damon Runyon Theatre in Pueblo gave us SET ensemble members an opportunity to dig through their stuff (and if you’ve ever been in a community theatre, you understand there’s always a TON of stuff) and take away whatever we wanted.

So we went down to P-town and shopped.

Shopping in Pueblo

^^^There we are, having lunch at Jorge’s after loading up the trucks. (I’m in the corner. If you feel like knowing who the other cool people are, you can find most of them here.)

Anyways, in the theatre was this roll top desk. Large. Dark wood. Had seen better days. There were bits of taped-on labels like: ‘hair ties’ and ‘glue.’ The kinda things you find backstage. But other than being fairly worn, it was in pretty good shape.

I already have a pretty nifty small roll-top desk (hereafter known as Writing Desk I), so at first I didn’t think I wanted it.

Then…I thought about it.

And thought about it some more.

And it wound up on the back of the truck.

And it wound up in my garage.

And I wound up refinishing it.

I mean, I haven’t showered in days between work, writing, and theatre…but the desk is done!

(The lighting in my garage sucks, so you get a close up for the color.)

(Also, special thanks to all those crafty people on Pinterest who recommended the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. Love it.)

Jenny finishes her desk

^^^I’m in the corner.




2 responses to “Introducing: Writing Desk II”

  1. grumpytyke Avatar

    Good stuff Annie Sloan’s paint. Well done for saving it. More inspirational than flat pack!

  2. damagedskullwriterandreviewer Avatar

    Wow! We really are a lot alike! I have done this sort of thing before and it feels so incredibly rewarding, just like you are saying here! I am happy for you to have found such a cool treasure! I do not have a roll top desk, but I am planning to build a new desk/workbench type thing in the future. Probably in the winter. Until then, I have my Jack Kerouac desk that I made from a relatively new computer desk that I saved from a dumpster nearby. I painted it black and then Mod Podged pictures of the Beats onto it. I bet that your new custom desk will inspire lots more cool writing! I know mine did. Great pics! You are beautiful and that dark red hair is amazing. Being a writer and in the theater must be great exercise for all your creativity!

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