Why Yes, I NaNo

Happy National Novel Writing Month, writerly people. I wasn’t going to participate this year, having been thwarted the past couple years.

However, I recently participated in a great workshop put on by mystery novelist Becky Clark for Pikes Peak Writers: “How to Write Your Novel in 8 Weeks.” And, while I’m still sorting out a lot of the tools she provided in the workshop (lots of time management advice, which I’m putting into practice), it occurred to me that a great time to put these tools into action would be when every other writer and their brother is trying to accomplish the same goal: write 50K in a month.

Because then not only would I be putting into practice her detailed advice, but I would also have a community to complain — I mean, um — partner with.

If you need a writing buddy, you can “at me” @JennyStolen on the NaNo website.

4 thoughts on “Why Yes, I NaNo

  1. Writing buddies are just there to support and cheer you on. You can chat and hang out. NaNo kinda changed the format, so I’m not sure how user friendly it is right now — but worth a shot.

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