Month: June 2021

  • “The Jogger”

    “The Jogger”

    Exciting news! My short story “The Jogger” is now up at All Worlds Wayfarer. Many moons ago, Ray Bradbury wrote a story where he explored the idea that the looky-loos at all accidents were actually the same people every time. Well, you know how it always seems like joggers find the bodies? (As one friend…

  • Creepy, Beautiful Things

    Creepy, Beautiful Things

    By now, we’ve all seen the incredible spider web video footage and photography coming out of Australia. If you haven’t, you can look at it here and then come back. I’ll wait. Severe flooding drove millions of spiders inland. Perhaps you remember earlier this year when news footage of spiders fleeing up trees and poles…

  • Mare of Easttown: A Detective’s Defining Case

    Mare of Easttown: A Detective’s Defining Case

    Like everyone else this weekend, I was watching the finale to the limited series Mare of Easttown. Having worshipped Kate Winslet from Heavenly Creatures onward, and seeing how much crime fiction/film/shows I consume, Mare feels like it was created just for me. I started watching seven weeks ago (Who releases a show one week at…