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Young Marple? Jennifer Garner? What?

In late March, the Huffington Post announced: Jennifer Garner to Play Miss Marple. Yes, that Miss Marple. The Miss Marple of Agatha Christie’s brain. The Miss Marple who has been a spinster for years and years. Result: Much OUTCRY! Check out MTV’s movieblog: Jennifer Garner Not to Play Now, for the record: I’m not really opposed to…

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The Guardian is on a Roll

I just found this fascinating article about one of our previous mentors, Virginia Woolf, by Michael Cunningham — who did such a beautiful job portraying her in his own novel The Hours. Cunningham talks about his own writing journey and his mom: Virginia Woolf, my mother and me Plus, if you’ve missed V.S. Naipaul’s scandalous…

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Ode to the Bathroom Floor

Some of you may or may not know that Wodehouse also dabbled in poetry. In that enterprising spirit, I shall regale you with my own poetic presentation on what I’ve been doing this week. With photos! Ahem. O, carpeted bathroom destroyed by bad cat spray! (Who carpets bathrooms? Ah, well. It just came that way…) We’ve gutted you, pulling your threadworn…

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Last Day of School

The holiday season begins in earnest now. Shane (teacher) and Owen (student) are both out of school today. There’s only one week left! And a shot of our Christmas tree to help pass the holiday spirit along. Good luck everyone! **Technical difficulties repaired! Voila, my tree: How are you guys hanging in there?

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When Life Gets In the Way

My brilliant plans all shot and it’s only 3 days into the New Year! Okay, so it’s not all that dramatic. Here’s the bad news: My hubby and I have done the math and we won’t be able to move back into our house this year. I could tell you and tell you, but I…

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Ali owes me money

but let me back up for a second. At first, I did not intend to do Ali’s challenge. But, as I was looking through our garage for one thing, I found a ton of other stuff for my office. This ton of stuff included notebooks small and large, pens, pencils, and various other paraphanalia. Turns…

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