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A full request!

Hello, ladies and gents, I just wanted to jump up and down for a moment because an agent has requested the full manuscript for Following Julia Roberts! Whether or not anything comes of it is beside the point right now, because I’m assuming that everyone has their fingers crossed. *Peering at everyone’s hands* It’s my…

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Oh God, Oh God, Oh God

I just hit the ‘send’ button on the query/five pages submission, and about passed out. My brother is laughing uproariously in the backgroud–ranting about how the first submission is always rejected. I’m trying to think of it all as a short story submission. I’ve just been working on this short story for a couple years,…

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Guess who’s done?Me.Yep.Me.I’m done.Done with the third draft.Done.Done.Done! Guess who’s happy, happy, happy?Me.Yep.Me.SOOOOOOOOO happy!

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Nervous energy. Tonight the CWCers will be giving me feedback on the 2nd draft of FJR. I admit to feeling a bit stressed because I so want it to be close to submitable. (I also hope they don’t read this before hand and adjust comments…so: no adjusting people!) Here’s the thing when you’ve put so…

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Printing in progress

Three cheers for me! Finished the manuscript! Now let’s just hope the printer holds out. It’s going through a lot of paper at the moment. Yeesh, death to the forests I guess. I’m trying very hard not to focus on the thoughts going through my headIt’s not perfect. You’ve still got that typo.You didn’t correct…

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What did I do?

Like an idiot, I asked if the CWC crew would be willing to do a ‘full novel’ read through–which involves handing in: 1. full draft of novel (like the name implies) 2. list of agents I am considering submitting to 3. rough draft of the synopsis that I would hand in to said agents 4.…

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May is Over, June is In

I didn’t really set any goals for April or May. At first I decided that I would pat my back for things I got done and not worry about what I set out to do. Apparently praise doesn’t work for me. I didn’t even do a decent blog session this month. So, back to goal…

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