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  • Writing Schedules!

    We all do it, and now we can count Virginia Woolf among the ranks of “Writers Who Obsessively Plan About When To Get Stuff Done!” Take for example: “But my mind is full of The Hours [Mrs. Dalloway]. I am now saying that I will write at it for 4 months, June, July, August and […]

  • Goals for 2008

    All right then, time for the big goals for 2008: 1. Revise and submit FJR2. Complete rough draft of Children’s Novel 1.3. Complete rought draft of Children’s Novel 2. (It’s a series.)4. Complete rough draft of La Llorona Novel.5. Complete rough draft of Members of the Club Novel. All in all that’s 260,000 new words […]

  • Resolving the Resolution Game in a Revolving Manner

    It’s that time of year…the time of New Year’s Resolutions. However, after a recent conversation with Shane, I’d like to think of ‘resolutions’ as something slightly more positive. ‘Resolutions’, at least the way they are practiced at the present time, seem to focus on the negative first. “I suck at this, I’m too fat, I’m […]

  • October Goals

    New month starts tomorrow, time to decide on what I want to do. This one’s pretty easy, in a difficult kind of way. 1. Finish FJR. The rough draft. Done. Complete. I write everything out by hand first, so by complete, I mean that I have typed it into the computer as well. Then, on […]

  • How September Turned Out

    Well, September’s over. I changed my goals halfway through: to just finishing as much of FJR as I could. I was shooting for something like 50 pages. I got about 30 in and another 11 on the round story chapter…so total for pages was about right, just not all on one piece. Not too shabby. […]

  • For the Deadline Naysayers

    Ha! Guess what I finished just now? Three guesses, but you’ll only need one. The round story chapter, you got it. I win! Finished before the deadline! Now I’m going to soak my aching fingers in ice water.

  • August Goals…

    Deb makes us do goals. (Okay, she doesn’t really make us, but she strongly encourages….) Actually, I think goals are a wonderful thing. However, I hate staring at all the ones I don’t hit in a month. Somehow it feels like I was sleeping while the test was happening…and it was a timed test…and I […]