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April Goals, March Sum-up

I didn’t do too bad in March. Got some queries together and off. Got some new pages written–not as much as I wanted, but enough because it helped keep me from going insane while the queries were doing their thing (and they still are, by the way). All the critiques for both groups got finished.…

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Revision…it’s the pits

Last night was Ali’s big thesis critique, and judging from her blog I think she thinks it didn’t go so well. So I think that maybe I didn’t get something across that I meant to. She put a lot of work into those revisions–the new stuff was obvious. It was thougtful. It was a new…

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Round Story Action Time

Our round story is progressing nicely. We have a large quantity of pages and a lot of schtuff that happens. Right now it’s my turn and I think I’ve decided what I wanna do–probably a good thing since it’s due tomorrow. However, I plan to propose a couple things relating to the story now that…

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