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  • The Day the Storm Ends: New Story Published!

    The Day the Storm Ends: New Story Published!

    I have exciting news. James Gunn’s Ad Astra has just released my short story “The Day the Storm Ends” in their eleventh volume. So if you’re in the mood for some science fiction…please give it a read.

  • Putting the “Art” in Artificial?

    Putting the “Art” in Artificial?

    Today, The New York Times posted an article about an artist in my neck of the woods. Sorry, if it’s behind a paywall for you—here is what the local paper, The Pueblo Chieftain had to say. The lowdown: The Colorado State Fair recently hosted a digital arts competition. The first-place winner, Jason Allen, used an…

  • Movies as “Cliff’s Notes”

    Movies as “Cliff’s Notes”

    When Game of Thrones released on HBO, I watched it religiously. Like millions of others, I ate up season one. Gobbled it. So tasty. I loved, and still love, the characters (#TeamSansa), the style, the plot twists. And here is where I have to admit an unpopular thing. I’d started – or tried to start…

  • You Say To-may-to, I Say To-mah-to: Define Your Terms

    “What I mean by ‘science fiction’ is those books that descend from H.G. Wells’s The War of the Worlds, which treats of an invasion by tentacled, blood-sucking Martians shot to Earth in metal canisters…’speculative fiction’ means plots that descend from Jules Verne’s books about submarines and balloon travel and such – things that really could…

  • In Related Margaret Atwood News…

    Atwood’s new book on science fiction/speculative fiction In Other Worlds: SF and the Human Imagination is out and about! For an excerpt:  From the National Post – “Margaret Atwood: Utopias in fiction and their failed real-life counterparts”