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Tuesday Post of Accountability!

I almost forgot another Tuesday! Looks like I don’t want to be held too accountable….=) Here’s what I managed to finish: 1. Another chapter of The Line! Woo-hoo. I busted this one out pretty fast and it’s the happy sorrow of having a draft finished…but knowing that I’m gonna hafta do the whole thing over…

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A Late Post of Accountability

It’s Wednesday! Which really means not much except: get through it. However, even though I’m not keeping up with the mentor posting and, instead, am focusing on my own writing…means I still need to keep up with the posts of accountability. So, here’s what I’ve done since posting last: 1. Three chapters of The Line.…

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I have no time to talk about how badly I’m losing. I’m just losing. Off to hopefully not lose as badly.

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Pardon the lack of recent posting–been busy with, ya know, that life stuff. And sometimes that life stuff takes a turn for the happy. For example, we are in the process of packing up my brother’s belongings and kicking him in the direction of Denver! Yippee! That means a free room for, dare I say…

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JePoWriMo: Day 33

You thought JePoWriMo was done because Mo stands for Month, right? Wrong. I’m still not quite finished with my serial killer poetry book. (That was my magical epiphany that I kept secret to surprise my CWCers.) It’s so cool! So the first part is about Edmund Kemper (also known as the Co-ed Killer), the second…

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