So You Want to Be My Muse – New Film!

The newest film based on my 100-word stories is here! Actors Grant Langdon and Erica Erickson put in some sexy and mysterious performances in this adaptation by Taylor Geiman (who also directed). (You can find the story the film is based on below the video.)

365 Little Stories Film #4

Great news! Taylor Geiman and his team at Fantomvagn Films have released the fourth short film based on my 365 Little Stories writing project. Check it out: 100 Words at a Time was the last "official" story of 2016 -- so, technically, it's story #365. It holds a special place in my heart.

G’night, Babies

Climate Change

03-30-2020: Silhouette

03-23-2020: A pandemic birth

“I Hear you” — Film #3 in the 365 Film Project

Hi guys -- here's the third film in the 365 Film Project. I also want to give a special shout-out to an often unsung, invisible hero: Production Assistant Carley Crowder. She keeps everyone and everything on track and makes sure everyone has a good time while we go through this. So, thank you so much … Continue reading “I Hear you” — Film #3 in the 365 Film Project

Newest Short Film: “Stuck”

Here is the newest piece from the 365 Film Project. Starring Bryce Haverkorn, Holly Haverkorn, and Micah Speirs. (See original piece below)