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2010 Wrap Up

First off, thanks to everyone who has commented and dropped by this year. I hope you found something to entertain you! 2010 was a pretty kickin’ year for me. The bestest bit was finishing all the classes required for my B.A. Yay for being done with school! My other biggie-happy was Nathan Bransford’s teen writing…

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Whoa. This is post #300. That sounds like a really big number to me. In honor of this momentous occasion (Momentous for me–I’m sure there’re many bloggers out there going: “Well, you don’t write too much do you?) I think that today I’ll talk about a piece of legislation that is 300 years old and…

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A full request!

Hello, ladies and gents, I just wanted to jump up and down for a moment because an agent has requested the full manuscript for Following Julia Roberts! Whether or not anything comes of it is beside the point right now, because I’m assuming that everyone has their fingers crossed. *Peering at everyone’s hands* It’s my…

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Do you want to know how stupid I am? Here I am, sitting at the computer, day after day, checking my email, bemoaning the fact that no one is requesting pages and pages of my genius, when, low and behold, a request comes through for pages. All together now: Yay! However, this isn’t what makes…

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Guess who’s done?Me.Yep.Me.I’m done.Done with the third draft.Done.Done.Done! Guess who’s happy, happy, happy?Me.Yep.Me.SOOOOOOOOO happy!

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